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Posted By:  Annie Butler
Wednesday, June 4, 2014

From Arrowhead Addict
By: Ben Nielsen

Looking for an opportunity to donate to charity and hang out with a bunch of Chiefs players? Derrick Johnson has a proposal for you.

Johnson is raising money for his charity ” Derrick Johnson’s Defend the Dream Foundation” which provides resources to low-income and inner city youth to help them reach their potential. The organization is trying to reach 30,000 kids by the end of 2015.

“I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to give back to this community,” said Johnson. “This is my home and I want to be able to help where I can. I think you’ll find a lot of my teammates feel the same way.”

To help raise money to reach those kids, Johnson is putting on his second annual Celebrity Waiter Night. The event is to be held at Grand Street Cafe in Lenexa on June 9. Tickets and more information for the event can be found at Johnson’s website –

Last year, Johnson brought players like Tamba HaliEric BerryJamaal CharlesAlex Smith and Kendall Gammonn with him to Celebrity Waiter Night. He expects they will return in force for year two, though names of the players who will be in attendance have not been officially announced. But Johnson’s presence should be enough, no?

It should be noted this event is not cheap. VIP tickets to Celebrity Waiter Night are $350 and include access to a VIP cocktail reception with celebrities, an autograph series Kansas City Chiefs football, and a lot food and wine at Grand Street Café and service by celebrities.

General admission tickets, which do not provide exclusive time with the celebrities or a signature series football, are $250, but there is a live and silent auction will also be part of the evening’s festivities.

That said, all of the money is going to Johnson’s charity so you’ll be donating money to a good cause that helps kids in our community. It is a win-win situation if you have nothing to do June 9 and the extra cash.

The event is being presented by Glazer’s of Kansas.

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